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Smart treasury platform for high performance companies

Cash flow, financial transactions, bank reconciliation and best market rates. Everything in one place

A platform.
A lot of possibilities.

Get more results in your company's finances with lower costs.

  • Increase your financial team's productivity
  • Find the best rates and financial opportunities
  • Improve your company's treasury results

Check how Wizfee features can help you get better results for your company

  • Bank
  • Cash and
  • Risks and
  • Financial
  • Market
  • API and
  • Track all bank accounts

    Wizfee display's all details about transactions and consolidates your company's balances.

  • Optimize cash flow and liquidity

    Automatically reconcile statements, improve finances visibility and your cash forecast.

  • Manage the financial exposure

    Simulate and monitor debts, investments, bank guarantees, derivatives and intercompany loans.

  • Check reports and dashboards

    With dashboards and reports you can forecast the next financial steps for your company.

  • Stay up to date with the financial market

    Analyze, choose and follow financial transactions and rates. Take advantage of the best opportunities.

  • Search for better financial information in Wizfee API's

    Have the convenience in finding financial information for your business.

All banks in one place

  • Download

    The app on your phone

  • Login and Connect

    All bank accounts.
    It's simple and easy

  • Visualize

    Your company's bank position

  • Search and Simulate

    The best rates for financial transactions

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